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It is becoming more and more common in the US that authorities are spending valuable funds investigating illegal gambling operations. A recent investigation in Ohio went on for two years and used thousands of taxpayer dollars.

The investigation ended earlier this past week with sixty-six people being charged in the case. The defendants now face felony charges of grand theft, money laundering, and gambling.

“This is getting ridiculous. It is not just in Ohio, it is almost every state in the nation. We are in a financial crisis throughout this country and police agencies are using thousands of dollars, a tremendous amount of resources and time to bust up gambling operations. It is just absurd,” said resident Jack Pauper.

Pauper is not the only one that has become upset with this type of law enforcement. “There has been an outrage in certain communities where crime is high and murderers are walking the streets, yet the authorities are choosing to spend their resources taking down illegal gambling operations,” said observer Barry Greenberg.

The people that were arrested in Ohio were running a charity based operation, known as “Vegas Nights”. It is not illegal to run those type of casino fundraisers as long as workers are not paid. In this case, authorities are claiming that it was more than just the charities that were benefiting.

Saipan has been working hard to legalize gambling. A proposal is on the table and being discussed this morning by the Senate. The Bill is not expected to pass the Senate after reports of three Senators opposing the Bill.

The Bill, which would legalize gambling in Saipan, has been criticized by leaders in Tinian. It would need seven votes to pass the Senate. There will only be nine total votes.

Three Senators have already come out against the Bill, meaning the odds are strong that it will not reach the necessary seven votes.

Two of the senators opposing the Bill appear to have selfish motives. Tinian, where they are both from, is considering casino expansion. One of the investors in a new Tinian casino has put their plans on hold until the gaming issue in Saipan is resolved.

Saipan legalizing gambling would hurt gaming in Tinian. That has prompted the two senators from Tinian to come out against the new Bill.

Senator Jude Hofschneider from Tinian has stated that he is against the Bill mainly because it will hurt the Tinian expansion.

The other issue that is causing trouble in the Senate with the Bill is that voters do not want the gaming.

“My position has not changed. I oppose it for its defects. And I don’t think I, as a lawmaker from Tinian, have the authority to enact something that has already been rejected by the people of Saipan,” said Senate President Joseph Mendiola.

Discussions will take place today in the Senate before a vote on the issue is taken to a vote.

Video Poker machines are becoming increasingly popular in local bars around the United States. The problem is that many of the places that are paying out these machines are doing so illegally.

Two bars were raided on Thursday night by police in Chattanooga, Tennessee. the owners of the two bars were both arrested and booked on various charges.

A search warrant was served at Terry’s Bar. The police found five illegal gambling machines at the establishment. The bar was also serving liquor for which they did not have a license. $3,243 was found in cash. A handgun for which there was no permit was also found.

Edwin Coffey, the bars owner, was charged with possession of gambling devices, unlawful possession of firearms, gambling promotion, and illegal sale of alcohol.

Over at another bar, North River Pub, police were busy confiscating two illegal gambling machines. $1,406 was found in cash. Rachel Swafford was the person arrested in this case. She was charged with possession of gambling devices, and gambling promotion.


Two Ohio University Athletes Charged For Illegal Sports Gambling

College athletics has become a major attraction in the United States. Millions of dollars are generated from the various sports that are offered at universities. None of that money is supposed to go to the athletes.

That somewhat explains why two athletes, one former and one current, that played baseball for Ohio University have been charged on Monday with a crime involving illegal gambling.

Andrew Shisila is a pitcher on the baseball team at his college, Ohio University. He apparently decided with his friend, Brent Decoster, a former player on the team, that it was time to go into business and make money.

Unfortunately, the business they chose to engage in is illegal. On Monday, both students were charged with taking bets on professional sports. The charges are misdemeanors that carry with them a maximum sentence of a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.

The incident has been reported by the university to the NCAA and it is not yet known whether Shisila will lose a year of eligibility because of the crime. The gambling operation was exposed last November in an E-mail. The university then turned over their findings to the police department.

It may be profitable in the short term, but the chances are that in the end anyone involved in running illegal online gambling operations will be caught and punished. That is exactly what has happened in China.

Twenty people who were part of an illegal online soccer betting operation have been sentenced to jail and fined. On Sunday, a Shanghai court made their ruling and the twenty people were sentenced to a variety of jail time.

“This is possibly the country’s biggest online gambling case,” said spokesman for the court, Zhang Minxian. The World Cup was the main draw for the group who started the online gambling sites in 2006.

Qian Baochun was the mastermind behind the operation and he received the harshest penalty from the court. He was sentenced to six years in jail and a $735,000 fine. Zou Jun and Liu Biqing also were hit with hefty sentences.

The others will seventeen arrested in the sting will also pay fines and serve time in jail. The operation was set up similar to most online gambling operations.

Websites were set up, and commission was paid to people who recruited gamblers. Depending on how much a bettor lost, the commission to these people would be adjusted. It is not known how many gamblers were involved.

The twenty people knew this day had been coming since January. All twenty plead guilty and had been awaiting their fate until Sunday when it was delivered.

Casino gambling is a big issue in most states these days. People expressing their right to vote and make a decision to be on one side of the issue or the other.

Voters in Iowa must not have gotten the memo as to their duty to have a say in these important issues. A vote was held on Tuesday night, regarding a new casino proposal for Newton, and the turn out was embarrassing.

Only twenty six percent of people eligible, turned out for the vote. That means that the decision to not allow the casino basically came down to the people lobbying for, and the people lobbying against, the issue.

2,614 to 4,252, that was the vote. There will be no casino in Jasper County after 4,252 people decided against the idea. Now that, is making your vote count.

Where were the other seventy four percent of the people that could have voted? The guess is that the other seventy four percent will be the one complaining about the decision.

When only twenty six percent of eligible voters show up, something is wrong. Either the issue was not as important as the politicians would have led you to believe, or people just do not care one way or another.

The unfortunate part comes for the development company, Regency Development, who was trying to bring the multi million dollar casino north of the Iowa Speedway. The reason people most likely did not vote, is they already have their choice of plenty of casinos in the state.

Either way, 6,866 people had their say, and 4,252 of them will be happy there will be no casino in Jasper County.

Donald Trump has made his fortune by his incredible business savy, but in his newest deal he insists that a piece of his heart will go along with the property.

This week, a deal could be finalized in the ongoing negotiations to buy Trump Entertainment Resorts and along with it, Trumps Atlantic City casinos, which include Trump Plaza, the Taj Mahal, and Trump Marina casinos.

The asking price for all of this is said to be over $2.2 billion, but any investors would have to also take over the $1.5 billion of debt.

Even when Trump does finalize the deal he insists it will be one of the harder things he’s ever had to walk away from, saying, “I’ve been here for so long, it’s been a really wonderful journey.” He went on to say,” I’m one of the biggest developers in the world, but i have a great loyalty to Atlantic City.” Trump has been involved in the city for 26 years.

Whoever does take over the casinos will have their work cut out for them as four, biliion dollar casinos are in the process of being built and current competitors are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrades.

The deal could be done as early as this week but could take a bit more time to work out the details.

Binions Casino in Las Vegas To Be Sold By MTR


Casinos in Las Vegas have seen people come and go for years, however, it is now the owners of some of these casinos that are getting out of town, as many casinos are being sold.

The latest casino that will apparently have ownership change hands is Binion’s casino. The MTR Gaming Group, which currently owns Binions, announced today that an agreement has been reached with TLC Casino Enterprises Inc. to sell Binions for $32 million in cash.

TLC is not new to the casino game in Vegas as they already own Four Queens Hotel and Casino. Buying Binions will just add to their increasing presence in the Vegas market.

The reason for the sale is MTR is looking to escape from their business operations in the west. The group also sold Speedway Casino for $18 million earlier in the year.

MTR owns properties in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and soon to be Minnesota, so the company is putting its focus on that region of the country and getting away from their west coast ties.